You are a digital assassin. An electronic shadow. Armed with your cyberdeck you are a hacker with a unique ability. You can capture (DECOMIPILE) megacorp Intrusion Countermeasure Electronics (ICE) and reprogram them to serve you. Your cyberdeck has the capacity to store 6 programs at a time. Any more and you must discard any extra programs. You have been hired by a rival megacorp to hack into the Cyberdyne Systems Tower mainframe. Starting from the bottom of the virtual tower you must make your way up to the primary DATASTORE and steal their secrets. Use the arrow keys to move or tap / click on the player (the blue orb) and drag it to move. You have 50 connection. You lose connection when you fail in battle or escape. If your connection goes below 5 the game is over. You can also spend Connection at WAN Nodes (the platforms) to repair your ICE. Hack into CPUs to get bonus experience. Hack into Terminals for additional Connection. Hack into Datastores to repair your ICE for free.


Featuring the art and sound of Gordon Little @G_O_R_D, Gustavo Santos @gustavo__san, Ivano Palmentieri @i_palmentieri, and Rusty Hayes @Jyrkface

Featuring the music of Rusty Hayes @Jyrkface

Includes 'Ouroboros' and 'In a Heartbeat' by Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 <a href="" "=""></a>

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Published2 years ago
AuthorGord Games
GenreRole Playing
Tagscyberpunkjam, pokemon, rpg
Player countSingleplayer