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Thirty Thousand colonists set off on a journey across the stars.

A cryogenically frozen trip that would take hundreds of years while robot caretakers and AI systems watched over them.

Except something went terribly wrong.

Now almost six hundred years late, the ship is falling apart and the fate of the colonists rest with one little Magbot.

A seamless mixture of classic platforming and modern physics.

A sci-fi adventure focused on exploration and environmental puzzles.

Featuring six unlockable magnetic and gravity manipulating abilities.

A story of a derelict ship worn down by time and corrupted caretakers and one little robot.

Welcome to the Magbot Early Access!

Magbot is a metroidvania styled exploration game featuring magnetic and gravity force manipulation.

There are many abilities to collect and they revolve around environmental manipulation and exploration.

This is not a combat focused game.

The first few builds will be free and then the price will start to go up until the game is done.

Supports mouse & keyboard or Game Pad. 360 gamepad is fully supported. PlayStation Controller experimental support.

Press ESC for menu (or SELECT for menu).

Demo Contains:

  • 4 Areas
  • 2 Abilities
  • 1 Boss Fight



"Truly above and beyond my expectations." @IndyGamingDaily


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Magbot 0.4.57 linux32.zip 52 MB
Magbot 0.4.57 linux64.zip 48 MB
Magbot 0.4.57 osx32.zip 45 MB
Magbot 0.4.57 osx64.zip 46 MB
Magbot 0.4.57 win32.zip 40 MB
Magbot 0.4.57 win64.zip 45 MB