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Experience the freedom of flying your own dragon

Enjoy a relaxing flight as you listen to the wind whistle past you or test your skills with acrobatic sky races hidden throughout the lands.  Discover the history of an ancient civilization.  

You are Ayre, a young woman with a rare companion: the last living dragon.  In the hopes of finding where your dragon came from you have spent the last few years travelling far and wide.  Finally you have uncovered the homelands of an ancient dragon-riding people, the Skyriders.

Together you and your dragon search for clues to the lost civilization of the Skyriders.

Oh and figure out what's going on with this weird Crystal Comet while you're at it.

  • Features
    An open world adventure where you can go anywhere you want from the beginning.
  • 64 square kilometers of valleys, rivers, mountains and forests to get lost in.
  • Non-violent gameplay design encourages exploration and discovery/
  • Relax and chill on your dragon as you roam a fantastic world from above, or go on foot to search areas in detail.
  • Complete acrobatic ring races to upgrade your dragon's abilities.
  • Discover lost histories of an ancient civilization.
  • Collect a lot of gems.
  • Seriously, a LOT of gems.
  • Secret Things

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