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Ayre 1.3.0 Major Update!
Ayre 1.3.0 NEW Added Japanese, Traditional Chinese, and Spanish languages. FIXES Dragon turning slow at high FPS Boost could activate during hover mode EXPERIME...
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Ayre 1.2.8
Ayre Version 1.2.8 Added Russian translation...
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Dragon Flying Freedom
Ayre 1.2.3
Ayre Version 1.2.3 New: Find and complete all 15 sphere puzzles! Bug Fixes Many Performance Optimizations Fixed intro post-processing Fixed waterfall sounds Twe...
1 file
Ayre 1.2
Ayre 1.2 Notes: Hover mode! New controls: H - Enter and Exit hover mode while flying G- Grab a sphere when close enough R / F Rise and fall while hovering T / Y...
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Ayre 1.1.1 New Time Of Day System!
Ayre has been updated to version 1.1.1 and brings along the following enhancements: Many performance increases New dynamic weather skybox (distant clouds) New V...
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Ayre 1.0.12
Ayre 1.0.12 Fixed a gem that was stuck in the ground Disabled crows for performance testing Disabled some volumetric fogs that were too resource hungry...
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Ayre 1.0.10
Ayre 1.0.10 Fixed final history shrine from saving your progress properly after interacting with it...
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Ayre 1.0.9
Ayre 1.0.9 Patch Notes Updated Portuguese translation Fixed Armour Shrine for Human Obsidian Chest Fixed corrupted shrine not unlocks properly during the story...
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