Ayre 0.5 Update

Ayre 0.5 Milestone Update!

Hello all!  This version of Ayre is significant in that most of the main functional features are now in the game.  The journey from here is to populate the world with interesting locations and places to explore.

New Feature: Photo Collectables

Switch to first person view while on foot to activate the camera.  You can zoom in and out and take pictures which will be in your journal.  There are special objects that when focused on will show up as ???.  Take a picture of them and a name will appear.  In your journal you will find a list of these special objects and once you've unlocked them, a little description.  Can you find all of them?  There are currently 4 in this build, but will be many more by launch.

New: Birds

Crows have been seen flying around the starting area.  Try taking a picture of them if you're quick enough.

New: Waterfalls

Listen to the crashing sound of water as you fly by these majestic flowing waterfalls.  Foamy spray bubbles where they meet the rivers.

Volumetric Fog

Some areas of the map are now very different.  See if you can find the swamplands.


ayre-windows-beta.zip 512 MB
Version 26 May 08, 2019

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